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If you're NOT Releasing Energy from the Snowboard...
You Will Always Catch Edges!

Whether you are Beginner or Pro?

If you Don't understand How to release and Apply Energy through your Snowboard, You will keep Catching Edges and your snowboard progression will be slow and Painful!

It's Easy to Ride the mountain once you know how, but first you need to Learn some Snowboarding Principles that will change they way you think about what a Good Snowboarder looks like!

OSC is different .We think about snowboarding differently...

When we ride, Every turn we make is Smooth, Easy and Technical!

You can Too, Nothing is stopping you.

But first you need to Learn some basic Snowboard skills that will be your Foundation to build from...'Don't Worry, we have you Covered'

Introducing: 'Learn to Turn Series'

Start Riding Stronger Now with our best Snowboard Progressions.

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