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''Fast Track Your Snowboarding Progression & Develop Your Riding Technique in 2021''

Join Online Snowboard Coach Lab and Transform yourself into an Advanced Snowboarder!  

Save over $40,000 in SKi Resort Tuition and Create a POWERFUL Snowboarding Technique!

A Multi Learning Platform to Help you Master Snowboarding

160+ Video Snowboarding Tutorials

Watch these Easy to Implement Step-by-Step Video Demonstrations and Exercises to take your riding to the next Level...Save Thousands in Advanced Snowboard training by Not going through the Ski Resort

An Easy Step by Step Progression from Beginner to Advanced Snowboarder

Shortcut your learning curve by at least 3 years on the snowboard with these Proven Techniques and Exercises to help you Transform yourself into an Advanced snowboarder.

Personal Video Analysis & Feedback

Get Personal Video feedback and watch your Riding skills Explode...This is the ultimate Service for turning you into one of the 3% of snowboarders who can actually ride the mountain...'Welcome to Snowboarding'

We're Adding More Training Every month..

Not only are we helping you improve Your snowboarding in real-time, but we are investing heavily in future EP modules that will bereleased month by month to OSC Club members...

Meet Your Snowboard Coaches

snowboard coach logan420


Logan is A qualified Snowboard instructor and founder of Online Snowboard Coach...He also has over 20 years Riding time under his feet  

snowboard instructor Joe balls420


Joe is our Freestyle Rail coach and also has over 20 years snowboarding  This guy is considered a God amongst many!  


TJ is our Freestyle Jumping Coach, He is the man and has many years of Professional snowboarding at the highest level under his belt.

snowboarding lessons coach


Matt is our Powder Coach. This guy is a Mythical Greek God when it comes to big mountain Snowboarding! 

Join 1176+ Other Snowboarder members inside the 'OSC Club'


Over 160+ Snowboarding 

80 yrs +


Here's Some of our Snowboarding Execution Plans 
our Members have Access to...

Online Snowboard Coach - www

Just to make sure you understand exactly what this offer is, you’ll get unlimited
Immediate access to 7 Execution Plans for 7 days! 

...For Just $1

($1 trial for 7 days then $33 a month)


'Testimonials from some of our members'

Amazing feedback from our very satisfied customers from around the World

'Big Breakthrough'

Online snowboard coach has definitely changed the way I snowboard, I never knew I had so many Bad riding is so much better and I feel a lot more confident on bumpy terrain!


Edward Mclean

Cali, USA

'Genuine Experts'

I have been riding for years and highly recommend this training to anyone wants to become an advanced snowboarder. The insights and advice will help you improve your snowboarding in every way possible. 


Calabe Moore

Syd, Aus

'Great Advice'

I have been with OSC for 2 seasons now and my snowboarding is always getting better. I love it how I can go at my own pace and always feel super confident before applying the next technique. Thank you guys


Nicky Nelson

Vienna, Austria

Here are some Tools we use that Take You from Beginner/Intermediate Snowboarder to Advanced Rider!

People tend to get Information OverLoad and End up Creating BAD HABITS and CATCHING EDGES...Go at your own pace and Truly Discover How Easy and Fun Snowboarding can be!


How To Videos

Tutorials for those quick ‘need to know now’ moments like, how do
I Stop Getting edge chatter and falling on Steep bumpy terrain.

In depth Training

You get full training courses on things like Advanced/Intermediate & Beginner Riding, Carving, Switch riding, Rails, Freestyle, and we will be adding more EP's regularly

Supportive Community

See Results instantly as you quickly learn and understand the correct snowboard techniques that boost your confidence and skill setto the next level.

Personal Feedback

If you're feeling stuck or just don't know where to start with something specific to your Snowboarding Skills. Let's chat about it Inside and we can make a plan for you!

Accessible across different platforms (Learn from chairlift)

Get up and snowboarding even faster with these mp3 Lesson tracks you can download straight onto your phone/ipod and listen to us coach you through the turns...

Assessments and Checklist

Inside you will find resources that you can't get anywhere else. Just for OSC members only. If you need something special, just request it... 

 A Sneak Peak inside the Online Snowboard
Coach Members Area...

The Training is full of in-depth, practical resources on all areas of Snowboarding and developing
yourself into a Expert Rider...  

Here's what you'll Learn inside:

Dont just take our word for it!

Our amazing community members are loving our's what they are saying about
Online snowboard coach club.

Mike Brockman

Mammoth Lakes, USA

“If you’re looking for the real deal these guys are it. They’ve helped me go from a average intermediate snowboarder into a Awesome Intermediate rider in only 6 months...Next season, I will go through the advanced training!    

snowboard members

Jeffrey Cotswold

Was, USA

"By far the best money I have ever spent on snowboarding" Thank you Logan...  


Make MASSIVE Snowboarding Improvements with Your Very own Personal Video Analysis Coach.

Your Secret Weapon that Gives you an Unfair Advantage?

This is What Makes Our Platform So Great!

This service is unprecedented and Online snowboard coach is leading the way in Personal development for snowboarding on the Internet!

We will identify your Problem areas and start Fixing Bad Habits straight away that Instantly me You Better!

You will Shortcut your Learning curve by at Least 3yrs with this Service in your Bag of Tricks!

You'll gain insider Knowledge and Expertise that all ski resorts charge you Big $bucks...This Expertise is PRICELESS!

You'll be able to meet and connect with like minded people inside the private coaching group.

Access to all Snowboard coaches. They will Help you Progress through the sport Safe and Controlled.

Friendly learning environment and supportive community (All levels welcome)  

Discover how Easy it becomes to Ride the Mountain with Style & Confidence!

You get 7 Snowboard courses, plus we are adding more every month (an estimated $36,563 in Private Snowboard Lessons value!), Mp3 Lessons, Exercises & Techniques, guides, Digital Assessments,  Q & A on any problem area in your Riding, access to me (Logan) and other Expert Coaches, a peek inside to my very own world of High End Snowboard coaching, and a whole lot more for only $1

…AND a money back guarantee!

Seriously, have you ever seen a better offer than this?

Click the button below and let’s get started!

Join OSC Club Today

Once your sign up you'll get instant access to all our tools and training. You will bypass years of frustration and pain, and quickly develop your own style of snowboarding!

Who is this For?


Beginner Snowboarder

Learn how to Snowboard in Less than 6 hrs...Discover the shortcuts that create balance quickly so You can Start Exploring the mountain with your friends and family Faster!  


Intermediate Snowboarder

Discover how to take your basic intermediate technique and transform it into a powerful controlled dynamic style...Never feel uncontrolled on steep, fast terrain again!  


Advanced Snowboarder

If you've had over 100 days on the snowboard and think it's time to challenge Yourself again, then grab one of our advanced EP's and finally discover your true potential!  

30 Day money Back Guarantee  

I can give you this incredible guarantee and let you take the entire program with zero risk to you - because I am 100% confident that the OSC Club will help you become an Advanced Snowboarder and make your learning curve 100X Cheaper and Easier.  

Get INSTANT Access to Our Complete Online Snowboard Coach Library For Only $1

($1 trial for 7 days then $33 a month)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Exeuction plan?

It's not quite a course and its definitely not just an ordinary report or white paper...

…an Execution Plan is more like a “checklist on steroids!”

Here’s how it works:

Over the last 15 Years, my team and I have:

-Invested over $20,000 (of our own money) on Snowboard Instructor Training...

-Taught well over 6,000 people how to snowboard

-Lived the life of the travelling snowboarder Instructor for 26 back to back Winters

And along the way we have perfected a large number of strategies and tactics. More importantly, like any good scientists, we DOCUMENT each strategy in step-by-step “Execution Plans” so our best ideas could be repeated and given Access to all our customers. They’re all meat and no fluff.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can, simply send us a message from the contact form inside the members area.

Will this help me fix my snowboarding issues?

Yes, our platform is a game changer for snowboarders, you’ll have all the advice, exercises and coaches right there at your fingertips to help you fix your bad habits and then develop your snowboarding skill set to a completely new level. 

This service is unprecedented and you will soon find that it will be the best money you’ve ever spent on snowboarding.

Why should I get this training instead of a Lesson from the mountain?

If you get a lesson from the mountain, you’ll more than likely get an instructor who has limited skills and the technical knowhow of the knowledge to safely instruct you through the sport. It’s essential you learn strong fundamental techniques so you can quickly more forward through the progressions in a safe manner at each stage of the various levels!

It will cost you ten times the price as well!

How does Video Analysis help my snowboarding?

Video analysis is absolutely massive when it comes to improving your snowboarding technique. By having consistent critical analysis of your snowboarding technique, we are quickly able to stop bad habits from being created.

 It will also realign the upper and lower body for a faster progression through the various levels of snowboarding.

Do I need someone to help me with the exercises?

No, the entire idea behind online snowboard coach was to help intermediate and beginner (even Advanced) riders improve their style and technique without having to pay the exorbitant fees that normally go with this type of training.

Everything has been designed and broken down into small baby steps that help you understand and ultimately implement the correct snowboarding techniques, without the frustration of poor techniques that lead to injuries.

I have never been snowboarding before, will this help me Learn snowboarding faster?

Yes, most definitely! 

As stated before, these tutorials are designed to help your conscious mind understand the techniques in the easiest way possible. By learning how to do these exercises online before you go to implement them on the snow, it will give your subconscious time to work the problems and overcome the obstacles that create bad habits in a faster awareness.

How often should I send my snowboarding footage in for review? 

You get one video analysis session each and every month when you are a member of online snowboard coach. 

We are looking at adding another service that will accommodate the riders who would like extra sessions, but we are still working out the fine print before we release this service.

I'm an Intermediate snowboarder, will this make me an advanced snowboarder?

Yes, the platform was based more towards Beginner and intermediate snowboarders who want access to high level coaching without having to spend a small fortune to acquire it.

You will literally save thousands of dollars and have access to high end coaching that want the best for your snowboarding.

How Long Does an Execution Plan take to complete?  

Each Individual Execution plan by itself is highly valuable if you want to set yourself apart from the competition. (friends) What's far more valuable than being better than your friends, however, is the actual knowledge and training you're going to receive when you take Join OSC Club. You will become a Awesome Snowboarder. I'll say that again: YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO DESTROY THE MOUNTAIN!  

How difficult is it to do the Exercises?  

You’ll find that the Exercises and techniques are super easy to follow & Implement...If you can link Turns on a snowboard you will have no problem implementing the techniques, they are designed so that your snowboarding becomes 100X easier and you see MASSIVE Improvement straight away

Get INSTANT Access to Our Complete Online Snowboard Coach Library For Only $1

($1 trial for 7 days then $33 a month)


About Us

Online Snowboard Coach was designed and created by snowboarders for snowboarders.

 We believe in Leading by example and inspiring people to reach for the stars and achieve their goals! Aim BIG and Hit BIG...

As master Yoda once said: Do or do not. There is no try.” 

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