How to stop your Snowboard washing out at the end of a Turn

If you are having trouble steering your snowboard back across the hill (fall line) after you make a turn and you don’t address this problem,

chances are you will start to pick up some bad habits that will limit your ability to keep developing your snowboard skills to that next level.

Once I show you how to fix this Problem, you will really start to understand some important  techniques that will become the building blocks for a Fast, Easy and pain free snowboard progression. Click here to Get Instant Access to ‘Master the Turns’ Module

losing control on a snowboard

Get ready to take your riding to the next level…

Essentially what is happening here, is that you don’t have good pressure control and rotational movements to help and aid the snowboard in direction of travel!

More than likely this will generally only happen on one of the edge changes, I’m guessing the other turn is fine and your snowboard will go back across the hill to exactly where it should be going?

So toady we are going to talk about:


-Rotation movements


Let’s start with Pressure

If I was to ask you, what foot do we apply pressure to if we want our snowboard to travel in a particular direction?

how to snowboard toe c turns

Did you guess, THE FRONT FOOT?

Well done…..

When making turns, we engage the nose of our snowboard by applying and keeping pressure on the front foot of the snowboard right through out the entire turn.

So you are either doing 2 things wrong if your snowboard is washing away at the end of your turns.

1) You are not keeping weight on the front foot…

2) Your center of mass is off and you need to realign your basic stance.

By becoming consciously aware of your position on the snowboard, you should be able to fix this problem relatively quick.

There are certain snowboard Exercises I can get you to do but they are reserved for ‘OSC lab’ members only. CLICK HERE to Get Instant Access

Just try and be more aware of where your weight should be, Go back to a beginner run and get the basics down!

losing control on a snowboard

Rotation movements for Snowboarding

Lower body rotation movements-

Focus on really trying to steer your snowboard through your front knee, make sure you are using all the correct techniques to turn your snowboard but at the same time, being more aware of your front knee.

EXERCISE:  want you to pretend its pitch black and you have a torch on your front knee, this is the only way you can see so you have to direct your path of travel using your front knee as a guide.

Upper body rotational movements:

Make sure you using your upper body as a complement to your lower body, really anticipate the turn using your front shoulder and arms to guide your lower body through the turn.


I will quickly touch on this because it could be as simple as not looking to where you want to go.

Always look and point to where you want to go, Most snowboarders just look down at the snow or down the hill, you must create the habit where you start looking back across the hill every time.

This will help steer your snowboard in the direction of travel and help in controlling your speed, especially on the steeper terrain.

Another thing I must mention is that, if you are not Anticipating into the turn and looking back across the hill as soon as you change edges, this will also give you some problems when trying to get your snowboard to travel in a certain direction.

So, make sure you are pointing back across the hill when you change edges, keep the weight on the front foot and keep your head up….’stop looking down!’

Go and practice this technique on the green runs, make sure your turns are large and closed, take your time and once you feel confident, try adjusting your turn shape from large too small.

I recommend the flexion and extension module after you have completed this exercise.

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tree riding on a snowboard

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