Jumping on a snowboard

When it comes to getting some air time and jumping on a snowboard, there are 2 different styles we are going to talk about today!

Ollie on a snowboard

Jumping off an Edge on a snowboard

Without understanding the difference between the two, you might find yourself doing something stupid and smashing your face into the hard packed snow…

Even worse, kissing a rail with your front teeth….’Ouch’

Let’s start with your standard jumping technique, jumping with both feet off your toe side edge.

Before we get too much into this progression I MUST warn you that unless you have your basic stance down, jumping will be hard and most of the time you will find yourself winding down the windows when you leave the take-off.

You MUST have your snowboard Basic stance in alignment with your snowboard when learning how to jump.

1) Ankles and knees slightly bent and flexed

2) Hips in alignment with your snowboard

3) Straight back

4) Arms out and head looking to where you want to go.

5) Relaxed and light on your feet

Without this basic stance in place you will eat shit every time…Remember this!

So how do you jump off both feet and stay balanced?

When jumping off both feet, generally you will favor your Toe side edge, You can jump off your heels but for the meantime, I recommend just jumping off your toes!

Starting in a stationary position, have even weight on both feet and ever so slightly push down on your toe edge and pop up with even weight on both feet.


video placeholder


Make sure your center of mass is over the snowboard, you’re relaxed and you’re not breaking at the waste!

If you are breaking at the waist, you will want to fall forward when you leave the snow, If you implement the technique correctly, you should be able to jump and land on the same spot easily.

Once you feel comfortable with jumping when not moving it’s time to add some speed into the progression..

Start by cruising along a flat piece of ground and practicing jumping off both feet, remember weight on both feet, jumping off your toe edge and not breaking at the waist!

It is important to note that we jump off our toe edge for this technique, We do NOT have a flat base!


jumping on a snowboard


Places where you use this jumping technique are:

  • Flat land obstacles
  • Jumps
  • Jumping onto rails and boxes

Generally speaking, you would use this jumping technique in most cases when launching yourself off a kicker (Jumps) in the park.

Being able to differentiate the right technique, depending on what and where you’re jumping is the key to your success!

Before I mentioned that you can use this technique off your heel edge, this would be used for advance snowboarding like spinning a front side spin off a jump or Back lip on the rails…

The time will come when you naturally progress and you’ll understand how to do it through practicing with your toes. For the time being, just stick to your toes.

The Ollie

video placeholder


The Ollie is probably the harder of the 2 techniques to master for beginners and intermediate snowboarders….

Some people make it look easy but most of the time they come from a skating background so they are really quite comfortable with the Ollie even before they step into a snowboard.

Step 1: Standing in a stationary position I want you too imagine your body like a loading a gun and then firing.

Sounds a bit weird right!…

Step 2: Start by shifting your weight forward over the front foot and loading up pressure through our snowboard. ( This is what we call loading the gun)

Step 3: Once you have shifted your weight forward, I then want you to shift your weight to the back of the snowboard. ( this is what we call , clocking the gun)

Step 4: Then at the same time lift your front foot and jump off the tail of the snowboard.( we call this firing the gun).

It all happens pretty quick but if you break it down, this is how you Ollie.

Points to remember

– Load the Gun (shift weight forward)

– Clock the hammer (Shift weight onto the back foot)

– Fire the gun (Lift the front foot and jump off your Tail of the snowboard)

This should be a quick smooth motion but keep practising on the snow when you’re stationary and soon it will feel natural and Easy.

Places where you would use this type of jump technique is:


-General mountain terrain

Anywhere you need to create height.

You would not use this technique to launch yourself off a jump, it would be more appropriate to jump off both feet evenly.


jumping on a snowboard


Jumping and holding you balance takes a little bit of time to master, keep practicing the 2 different techniques and soon it will be a natural part of your riding skill.

If your riding is not up to par when jumping, go and check out this post on how to snowboard


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