Falling on your snowboard

If you don’t start using flexion and extension, expect to always be falling on your snowboarding, not only that, but you will always lose that edge control (mostly on your heel edge) when you are riding steeper runs.

Not only will your snowboard shutter through the turn but you increase the chances of having a serious fall while trying to increase the level of your ability.

I see it all the time…

Toe side turn looks alright, as soon as they come around onto the heel side edge….washout!

The reason why this is happening could be a number of factors but the main reason would most likely be pressure control!

Depending on the ability of your riding, and unless you are aware of foot peddling, Anticipation and lower body rotation, chances are, your edge pressure timing is out!

edge control on a snowboard

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losing control on a snowboard

You don’t notice it on your toe edge because biomechanics make it easier to apply pressure with little or no movement when riding on the toes. On your heel edge, you really have to be stable, balanced and aware of how you apply pressure to the edge of the snowboard!

Because of this and other bad habits, I see a lot of riders wash out on their heel edge on steeper runs.

When riding steeper runs you really need to start going back to the basics of snowboarding?

Flexion and extension is the answer to this question… By applying pressure and releasing it from the edge of your snowboard, you are able to control steering and the speed of descent when riding down steep runs.

So… How do you control pressure?

You control pressure by flexing down into your snowboard through your

  • Ankles
  • knees
  • Hips!

By Flexing down into the snowboard you create more friction on the snowboard with the snow, this in return slows the snowboard down (in most circumstances), some scenarios are different (advanced snowboarding techniques).

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tree riding on a snowboard

I am talking about dynamic snowboarding, become a member of ‘OSC’ and you will know what I mean…”advanced snowboarding’

Anyhow, if you flex down too fast, essentially you are dumping a whole lot of pressure on one edge, thus causing a edge to blow out. The reason this hardly ever happens on your toe side edge is because, like I said before…’Biomechanics’

It’s easier to apply pressure with less movement.

On your heel edge, its pays to be patient when applying this pressure.

Start by practicing this movement on large green runs, slowly flexing down onto that heel side edge. Once your feel comfortable doing this on green runs, step it up onto blue runs and so on.

Slowly make this progression to make sure you are stable and can really feel the movements and pressure.

Also, mix your turn size up from large through to small, at the same time your tempo of flexion and extension will have to speed up or slow down depending on what type of turn you are making.

One more thing?

Make sure you are looking back across the hill when making turns, 95%of people forget to look!

Please don’t be one of these people, if you are on this website, I am expecting you to raise your standard of snowboarding!

‘OSC members’ are some of the best snowboarders around!

Always look across the hill in the direction of travel if you want to save yourself from looking and riding like an amateur snowboarder!

Decide to be a good snowboarder and learn to stop falling on your snowboard….“come and join us”

losing control on a snowboard

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