Straight Glide on a Snowboard

Straight gliding is a technique we use to glide on the snowboard with one foot out?

You need to learn this because it is essentially how we get on and off the chair lift and how we shortcut our time when walking around with one foot unstrapped on the snowboard.

Straight Glide on a snowboard:

straight glide snowboarding

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Start in the same position as before when skating except this time, push off the back foot a little harder and then place your foot on the stomp pad right in front of the back binding.

Step 2: Always stand in your Basic Stance to Maintain Balance

Step 3: Stand in your basic stance position and glide until you stop sliding….’Don’t do this down a black run!’

PRO TIP: Another way you can help yourself slowdown is by slowly dragging your back foot in the snow a little,  keep 90% of your foot on the snowboard, just drag the other 10% in the snow to help create friction with your snowboard and the snow..

Same principle applies to straight gliding from your toe edge.

Remember, Keep your basic stance in check, weight on the front foot and looking up to where you want to go.

Practice this until you have complete balance when gliding on the snowboard with one foot not strapped in.

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straight glide when snowboarding

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    3 replies to "Straight Glide on A Snowboard"

    • Simon Jonk

      Hi Logan,
      Thanks for sharing this blog post. I’ll remember to keep your basic stance in check, weight on the front foot and looking up to where you want to go.

      • Logan

        Hi Simon, yea mate, keep that weight forward and remember to visualize the movements…if you have any other questions, just shoot me an email mate!

        • Simon Jonk

          Yea mate, gonna keep this in my mind. Yes I shoot an email to you if I have other questions. Thanks again mate.

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