The Ultimate Snowboarding Tutorials Collection…

Snowboarding in Real life can be challenging, it’s all good dreaming about how you should ride, but that won’t get you the results you need…

And that’s exactly why you should be watching some of our Professional snowboard tutorials online before you even attempt to go up the mountain and shred it up!

This is where most Beginner or Intermediate snowboarders go wrong?

Here’s what I mean…

snowboard tutorials

Most of the time After beginner snowboarders receive their first snowboard lesson and finally find the courage to venture up the mountain by themselves,

They think they have mastered the art of snowboarding and all they need is a little more time on the board to get better?

They dont realise that they are actually stopping there progress from becoming a very competent intermediate snowboarder by not getting any more training or watch professional snowboarding tutorials online.

It’s a little crazy…. 

The Beginner snowboarding level is hard and getting a snowboard lesson for essential for most.

I have not seen many riders make it through the beginner stages who haven’t had some type of snowboarding lesson or tutorial of some sort…

But the problem isn’t with beginners?

Toe edge snowboard turns tutorial

I guess you could say, It’s when snowboarders start linking snowboard turns down the hill on blue trails and build their confidence and skill set to a higher level. (Intermediate)

95% Snowboarders I see on the ski resorts are riddled with bad habits that stop or severely slow down their snowboarding progression!

Most snowboarders have a bad case of counter rotation, poor movements in upper and lower body, poor edge control and struggle to maintain balance when venturing onto to steeps or off piste snow conditions.

Their problem is that they didn’t get any more lessons once they left the beginner stages?

In my opinion, this is where you need them most…

Just one snowboard lesson will help correct all the bad techniques that come with increasing your speed and riding down steeper terrain.

These Beginner to Intermediate snowboarding tutorials are designed to help address some of these common problems that so many Intermediate snowboarders seem to have.


Snowboard Turns for Beginners:

Speed control when Learning how to turn:

So why is it important to manage our speed when trying to perfect the correct turning movements when learning our basic snowboard turns?

speed control on a snowboard

If you’ve never been snowboarding, picking up too much speed can become very dangerous extremely quick…

And this is exactly where most riders who are learning or trying to perfect the art of turning on your snowboard go wrong!

This is Especially true for beginner snowboarders who are learning how to turn!

Controlling your speed before each turn is one of the most important skills you can master when learning the basics,

Here’s a tip: Before you try and make each turn, make sure you steer your board up the hill (just enough to maintain balance) so you are semi controlled.

Do this everytime…DO NOT BE AFRAID to pull out if the turn if you need too!

Always try and steer your board with your speed in control and you will quickly become a strong snowboarder with very little bad habits.


Turning Techniques on the Snowboard

So there are a few different techniques we can use to help us steer our snowboard into, through and out if each turn when we are snowboarding!

The most common is up unweighted (Skidded) snowboard turns, this is what we teach first time snowboarders but as you transform yourself into an advanced rider, different terrain and snow conditions demand a strong turning technique to help engage the snowboard edge and camber.

Turn phases

You also have down unweighted turns, these are a very technical movement to make smooth turns but are very useful when riding double black diamond trails and super steep or bumpy terrain.

They can be quite challenging to learn  but once you can implement the technique, it’s a great tool to have in your bag of tricks.

Download our Beginner ‘Learn to Turn’ Snowboarding Execution Plan…and Shortcut your frustrating Learning Curve, AVOID Painful slams…

…and learn all the correct fundamentals that keep you balanced, controlled and safe when learning how to link turns in only 6 hours!  Click here for your Tutorials!

Other techniques are:

  • Edged turns
  • Carving turns
  • Retraction turns
  • Terrain unweighted turns

Master the basics with up-unweighted turns technique, watch your basic stance and make sure you keep learning with these snowboarding tutorials to help fix your other bad habits along the way.


Pointers and Mistakes that hurt your Turn Control when Snowboarding…

Making mistakes is a natural process in life but how quickly you can learn from those decisions is up to you…

The same goes for snowboarding, how quickly you can recover from the bad habits you create by not investing time into more snowboard lessons or snowboarding tutorials online?

This will quickly determine what path you have decided to take on your snowboarding journey!

One common mistake a lot of snowboarders make is called counter rotation, this is when your upper body and lower body (Legs) aren’t working together as one when making a turn on your snowboard…

counter rotation when riding

In other words, your lower body is trying to make (initiate) the turn, but your upper body is twisting in the opposite direction?

It is a very common problem amongst snowboarders who have not had more intermediate snowboard lessons after the have started turning.

Obviously as you become more confident on your snowboard, your curiosity does as well, this is where most riders start transitioning onto steeper trails or off piste terrain.

And this is exactly where you quickly discover that basic skidded turns don’t cut it anymore, you need a more dynamic turn technique to navigate the ski resort at this level.


What to expect on your first day Snowboarding?

So what can you expect on your first day up on the hill when you first try snowboarding?

Well, for one thing…

Expect to have loads of fun and the sooner you can get to linking turns, the sooner you get to explore the mountain with your friends!

There will be times of frustration but if you follow some of these snowboarding tutorials and advice that we recommend, your learning curve will be a lot shorter than most.

Make sure you wear good outer layers of clothing that will not only stop moisture getting through but wind as well.

what to expect snowboarding on your first day

Once your on the mountain with your Snowboarding gear, you’ll need to figure out what stance feels most natural to you.

This will help make your snowboarding feel more comfortable to learn.

Some people get this wrong and struggle a bit at the start, eventually they figure it out and find their groove, It’s not essential but will definitely make things easier for you.

Obviously there are a lot of other topics beginner snowboarders must be aware of…So go and check out our beginner Snowboarding Execution Plan if you want to shortcut you learning curve FAST!


Snowboard tutorials for the Intermediate Snowboarder…

“Welcome to the intermediate stage of snowboarding…”

So what can you expect to learn during the stages of intermediate to advanced snowboarder?

In all Honesty, you can expect to to push your riding techniques further than ever before, I am talking about full body isolation, different techniques to help with more efficient pressure control.

Stronger movements through the upper body Rotation, better steering techniques , more fluidity, more speed, smooth absorption techniques to help with Balance, Timing techniques to help with edge control.

‘MASTER THE TURNS’ SNOWBOARDING EXECUTION PLAN: Get the best out of your snowboarding by watching these Proven intermediate Snowboarding tutorials…

Transform yourself into an advanced snowboarder who has complete control and the confidence to ride any terrain feature on mountain!

Click the Image below to get instant access and change the way your ride forever!

intermediate snowboarding tutorials

And in general, becoming a very strong snowboarder who can actually start to ride the entire mountain with precision, technical control and a style that others wish they had!

Becoming an advanced snowboarder is extremely rewarding and truly does open up another level of excitement when you are cruising around the mountain.

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The great thing about these advanced snowboarding tutorials is that you can easily reciprocate the same movements into your switch Riding.


Snowboarding tutorials for Carving

Creating a stronger edge on your snowboard to carve requires a strong Basic stance that is aligned correctly with your snowboard.

Most people who struggle with creating a smooth carving line in the snow have a poor basic stance or have created Bad habits that are hindering their success when learning the skill.

That’s why we created these snowboarding tutorials…to help our fellow snowboarders, without having to pay those expensive ski school rates they normally charge you on the mountain.

Discover how to carve on your snowboard with a style most snowboarders wish they had!

Learn how to create the perfect carving edge and maintain a controlled Balance all at the same time… This elite training will put you light years ahead of your competition and teach you how to carve in any snow conditions.

Grab a copy of our ‘Carving like a pro’ Snowboard execution plan and start making smooth carving lines In the snow everywhere you go!

Snowboard Carving tutorials

A common problem with snowboarders who are learning how to carve is pressure control, not being able to hold the carving edge all the way through the turn.

What ends up happening is that they start leaning (Body angulation)  into the turn to create the edge instead of using correct lower body movements to create it.


Pro Tip: Start counting in your head 1,2, 3 up when extending before a turn and 1, 2, 3 down when flexing down into your snowboard.

This will help you control your pressure on your snowboard edge.


Snowboard tutorials for Switch Riding (Goofy Snowboarding)

Riding switch always seems so much harder to learn, more so from when you first learnt how to snowboard in your natural stance?

In most riders minds, this seems to be a familiar thought, but in reality, riding switch should actually be easier…

You’ve already downloaded  the information into your subconscious mind.

Get your hands on our Switch Riding Execution Plan…These snowboarding tutorials will transform your basic switch turns into a powerful free riding technique!

After downloading these switch tutorials, you won’t know what stance feels more comfortable to ride…

You’ll become that good at riding switch, you’ll visually have to look at your binding setup just to figure out what stance you’re in….They are that good!  Download the switch snowboarding tutorials here.

switch snowboarding tutorials

You just need to put some practice in to connect the wires.

Here’s what I want you to do…The next time you go riding and it’s a crappy day, instead of riding in your natural stance, ride in your switch stance.

The great thing about learning how to ride goofy on your  snowboard is that you can start resting your legs when they get tired, simply just spin around and let the other leg take the lead for a while

Eventually you’ll become a master of both!

If you are struggling with the switch technique, it probably comes down to only 1 or 2 things that are slowing you down…

…and if you think that’s the case, go and grab a copy of our switch riding tutorial snowboard Execution plan, this is where we break down the entire turn process for you.

We also give you insight into common bad habits that can sabotage your switch riding ability!


Snowboarding Tutorials for Jumps (freestyle)

Do you know How to jump with balance on your snowboard?

Depending on your natural ability, jumping can take some time to master! One of the main problems I see when people are learning how to jump or learning to go off bigger jumps is there basic stance.

Yep, there alignment in their body is wrong when they leave the lip of the Kicker (jump)

Want to learn how to spin through the Air?

Unlock the secrets to creating a jumping Balance that keeps you centred, controlled and stable when leaving the lip of any Jump!

These tutorials will give you an internal compass that will Always keep your axis aligned, safe and centred…Download our Freestyle Jumping snowboard execution Plan here

freestyle snowboarding tutorials

In most cases for beginners, there upper body and lower body are not in alignment and have a disconnect when leaving the lip…

This will automatically mean that your snowboard will try and spin in the air, basically what is happening is your upper body is not in alignment with the lower body and your snowboard,

So…as soon as you leave the take off your upper body naturally tries to unwind and throws you off balance causing you to semi spin sideways.

Arms out and winding down those pretend windows down to gather balance!

To prevent this, visually check that you stance is correct as you are coming into the straight run of the jump.

jumping snowboard tutorials

Make sure your snowboard, your lower body and upper body are all in alignment together!

Snowboarders who are trying to go bigger off Jumps…

Speed is obviously a major factor when learning how to go off bigger jumps.

Watch how much you break at the waist!

Don’t break at the waist too much, otherwise you’ll be transferring your weight off the snowboard edge and onto the snow.

and as soon as you leave the lip, you’ll be thrown off balance and back to winding down those pretend windows again.

Relax the legs and start to learn how to visualize the trick in your head before you do it!

Your brain follows instructions a lot easier when it has a road map of what it should be doing!


Snowboard Tutorials for Rails & Boxes

Learning how to ride rails or boxes on your snowboard is a daunting process for most.

It’s only when you finally gain the confidence to actually ride these features that you realize they are not as difficult as one thought.

Don’t know how to Ride Rails & Boxes on your snowboard?

No Problem…Minimise your Risk when learning how to ride these features on the mountain…

After you’ve gone through our Rails and Boxes snowboarding execution plan, you’ll have the knowledge and skill set to start sliding on these fun mountain features like a pro.

Learn all the correct techniques to riding rails safely by downloading our Snowboarding Rails &boxes Execution plan here!

snowboarding tutorials for Rails and Boxes

NOTE: Try and learn how to ride rails or boxes with someone who can already do it, its extremely important to have the correct speed on and off the feature.

So where do most beginner riders go wrong when learning how to ride rails?

Once again it comes down to your basic stance….NOT having your stance in correct alignment with your snowboard will cause you  to twist or spin when you start sliding down that cold hard steel.

Make sure your upper and lower body are in alignment with your snowboard.

Another point I must mention is, your line when approaching the rail.

If its a ride on rail/box, make sure you are coming onto the rail in the center,

Just before you hit the rail/box flatten out your base of the snowboard so you are complete flat when coming onto the feature.

It’s really important to be relaxed and flexed, this helps keep your base flat and grounded to the rail/box, DO NOT stand up tall! (straight legs)

If you are stepping it up and have decided to hit the bigger rails, remember that speed is your friend, all the same principles apply only this time, as soon as you come onto the rail, look at the end of it (look to where you want to go)

Watch how much speed others are taking into it and try to follow their line.

Remember, flexed knees and keep the arms out for extra balance.

If your board is slipping out, chances are, that you are still too tall and need to flex through your legs a bit more. ( slightly broken at the waist as well)


Snowboarding tutorials For the Halfpipe Rider!

For anyone wanting to learn how to ride the halfpipe on your snowboard,

All i can say is go for it!

This is easily one of the most underrated features on the mountain, it can be difficult to learn, but once you gain some confidence and a little bit of skill, riding the halfpipe becomes an extremely enjoyable feature to ride!

Some of my best memories snowboarding can be found while pushing myself to that next level when launching out of the pipe.

The rush of flying through the air 6ft out of a super pipe is so sooo much fun.

But you don’t have to get 6ft out to enjoy the pipe, these days I tend to only leave the lip for a little bit of air time and the same enjoyable factor is still there.

Don’t let your fears STOP YOU from Riding the Halfpipe? 

Once you Download these Halfpipe tutorials, You’ll be the one Ripping up the walls and leaving the lip of the pipe, instead of just dreaming about it!

Learn the correct pipe riding techniques/Lines and Skills that keep you safe and quickly advanced your snowboarding Level!

Download our Snowboard Halfpipe Execution Plan Now!

Halfpipe snowboard tutorials

So how do you learn to ride pipe with confidence and control?

If you’re just starting out and learning how to ride pipe, then follow along with this snowboarding tutorial and it will create a strong foundation for you to build from.

First of all, before you even enter the pipe, we are going to practice some skills that will enable you to ride the pipe more effectively and more efficiently.

For this exercise we are going to be creating a U shape in the snow.

U turn in the halfpipe

Start by having your snowboard facing straight down the hill on a flat base.

As you gain forward momentum, slowly start initiating the turn by flexing down and looking and pointing back across the hill.

Try to use your camber to help create a lot of the turn, speed can be your friend in this situation!

It’s at this stage, we really start using Flexion and the side cut of our snowboard to help steer and direct our board across the fall line and back up the hill to a stop.

As your snowboard starts steering back up the hill, I want you to slowly start extending up and flattening out your snowboard edge back onto a flat base again.

Roll over and try it on the opposite edge.

The idea here is to be extended at the start and finish of the turn (Walls & Lip of pipe) and be flexed throughout the bottom and across the fall line of the turn. (Bottom transitions and base of pipe)

Practice this exercise 3-4 times on each edge!

PRO TIP: After you have done your exercises, it’s time to start introducing some timing into the exercise.

This time when you are flexing down through the turn, I want you to start counting in your head…


1, 2, 3 down as you start steering your board down and across the fall line.

And then counting 1, 2, 3 up as you are extending and steering your board back up the hill onto a flat base..

Where: Wide open green trails.

Practise this technique for a couple or runs until you have the movements down and understand the concept correctly.

Once you’ve done this go and practice the technique in the halfpipe using the walls and tranny.


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