Snowboarding Movements to Improve your Carving…

One major problem I see for most intermediate snowboarders is that they have very little range of movement in the lower and upper body.

They can ride a snowboard on green and blue runs but as soon as they hit black technical terrain, there style and technique doesn’t give them the pressure they need in order to stay calm, controlled and Balanced…

Generally what tends to happen is that most people freeze up and become hard and stiff in the legs, this always happens as soon as they go beyond their safety slopes of green or blue trails on the mountain?

So, with that in mind…

Let’s break it down into how to consciously become more aware of how we are using our bodies when riding the snowboard…

basic stance on a snowboard

Upper body exaggerated movements for carving on a Snowboard


Where is your head looking?  (This is massive)

Always look to where you want to go, not down the hill or down at your feet….

…”look up and where you are travelling! I can’t say this enough. (Keep you head glued to your front shoulder)

Use your front arm to help initiate the turn with your front shoulder (really point toe where you want to go)

Once you have made the turn, make sure you realign your upper body with your lower body before making the next turn…

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Knees and feet:

Here’s a tip: Standing in a stationary position, extend up to your highest point without having straight legs and then flex down to your lowest point without breaking at the waste or putting your basic stance out of whack!

Try it on each edge of your snowboard to find your range of movement… (Everyone is different)

Now, utilise this complete range (flexion and extension) when you are carving on your snowboard.

It is super important to understand what your limitations are without breaking your strong basic stance.

By understanding this, you can create more edge pressure and a have a lot better control over your snowboard….especially on steep terrain.

Get the full Carving Video Tutorials by clicking the image below!

Angulation when snowboarding

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