Snowboard Teaching Techniques that Get Results!

Today I am going to talk to you about a couple of different snowboard teaching techniques that will help you understand and communicate with your student or family members better!

If you are trying to teach someone how to snowboard, it is important you understand what type of learner they are.

By identifying their learning style, you will make it a lot easier for your student (or victim) to navigate through the various progressions of the snowboarding journey.

These snowboarding teaching techniques are learning fundamentals that will also help you throughout your entire journey through life.

You’ll be able to influence people easier and connect in a more meaningful way…

Snowboard Teaching Techniques for Learning how to Snowboard…

Teaching techniques for snowboarding

One of the main things to remember when teaching these techniques is that at the end of the day, it is important for your student (girlfriend/boyfriend/kid) to have fun and enjoy the process of learning something new.

If you put people on the defence, there mind will become disengaged and irrational…A great learning environment is recommended.

There is a balance between constructive learning and the enjoyment process…Just remember to have fun while doing it!

The 4 Snowboard learning styles

There are for main learning styles, the whys, the what’s, the how’s and the what if’s.

teach snowboarding questions

From memory, most people fit into the HOW category (70%) and then roughly 10% for each of the remaining categories.

If you know the person you a teaching, you can simply just ask them if they are aware of what style they would fit into, most people should know.

If the student is not quite sure, it is important you touch on each category quickly when explaining how to execute some of these teaching techniques.

For example:
Let’s say you are teaching a student how to keep even weight on both feet to stop.

You would address the why learner by saying something like:

We need to learn this in order to bring our snowboard back across the fall line evenly in order to create edge pressure efficiently and ultimately come to a stop.

You are addressing the Why should I learn this question!

You would address the what learner by saying:
Learning this technique will enable you to stop anywhere, any time and in complete control. Essentially this is a stopping technique that will keep you safe and balanced.

You are addressing the what question!

With the how style of learning, you would simply explain the process of how to perform each and every step of the exercise.

This is the category where most people fit into.

By understanding each learning style, you can create the habit of addressing each style quickly and therefore helping the student create a strong platform to work with.

The what’s learning technique is:
What’s in it for me but this style doesn’t really apply here so we will leave that topic for another day….

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Teaching styles for snowboarding

There are 3 main styles when it comes to teaching in snowboarding.

Try and adapt all 3 into your explanations of what you are trying to explain.

Obviously a visual example is very effective when teaching but don’t forget about the other 2.

Here’s a tip:
I have found the Kinesthetics snowboard teaching technique to be very effective, and in most cases it adds a little extra love that gets them across the line!

Our first Snowboard teaching style is :


This type of snowboarder learns through observation. They generally pay particular attention to body language, demonstrations and diagrams that are drawn in the snow.

When performing different demos, it is important to be articulate with them by showing them different angles, demonstrating or highlighting different parts of the body they should be watching and moving.

This will help them to focus on the correct movements, watching other riders can be extremely helpful as well, so don’t be afraid to use a innocent bystander as your subject matter expert. (Without them knowing of course)


This type of teaching technique is more geared towards the type of snowboarder who is aware of the mechanics of the body and tends to learn through experimentation.

They are aware of all the pressure points in their boots, uplift in their heels and in general, in tune with their feelings in their body.

Analogies to similar movement patterns from other sports will certainly help these individuals learn.

Don’t be afraid to show them the body movements when standing in a stationary position as well, This is a great visual aid that can help connect the dots more effectively.


These students learn trough listening and hearing, A strong clear and concise verbal explanation is important for this type of snowboarder.
Don’t complicate the explanation or example of what you’re trying to achieve.

Keep it simple and fun, the idea is to be able to break the big picture movements down into simple micro ones.

It is also a great idea to ride with them and coach them while they are performing each exercise.

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beginner snowboarding tutorials

How to teach your girlfriend to snowboard…

Good luck on this one gentlemen….

I have seen countless couples trying to teach each other and most of the time the men don’t know how to articulate the movements they are trying to explain to their other half…

Frustration kicks in and well… you know the rest!

Here’s my advice when it comes to teaching the significant other different techniques on how to snowboard!

Be patient, try to use analogies of what you are trying to explain, lots of visual demos and if need be, hold her hand and encourage her.

Don’t travel too far in front and make sure you are on the correct type of slope (green beginner trail)

This will make your life easier, trust me on this one!

Things to consider when teaching friends, family etc…

Speed control: what type of slope are you going to teach them on?
Have they had a beginner lesson before?

If not, make sure they at least go in a learner’s class just to get the basics down.

Or…You can go through any of our execution plans and teach them exactly what the professionals do.

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Snowboard teaching technique for kids 2 yrs and older

The aim of the game is fun in this situation…A lot of the time, you will probably need to hold on to your kid permanently, between your legs when riding is fine. (Obviously they have a snowboard on their feet)

2 yr old snowboarding

Try and get them to grasp the concept of using your edges to help slow you down or go in the direction of travel, In most cases this will take a little while for them to pick it up.

Small steps, if you have too!

Just stay on the beginner runs repeating the basics, eventually they’ll find their balance and soon you won’t be able to keep up with them!

NOTE: Be very careful taking young kids up the chair without a long leash to help maintain their speed.

Once they have balance, it can be very hard for young kids to stop correctly, they would rather just point there board straight and go for it, so be careful in how much room you give them!

Make falling over fun…

Speaking of that, when they do fall over, make them laugh and tell them they were awesome, stoke them out, most of the time it’s the shock that scares them!

Don’t be afraid to stop and play in the snow, have plenty of hot chocolate breaks and keep reinforcing them that they are awesome.

Fun is the key to learning here, embrace it!

Word of caution: Stay away from big powder days with the little kids, it tends to be way more work than what it is worth, you’ll end up digging your kids out all day and it won’t be much fun for anyone!

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beginner snowboarding tutorials

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