Linking S Turns is the essence of snowboarding

Obviously to be a real snowboarder, you need to know how to turn, Just getting down the hill doing falling leaf just won’t cut it when you’re a online snowboard coach member!

Once you link a couple of C-turns together it doesn’t take long before you’re away linking turns all around the mountain!

beginner snowboarding tutorials

How to turn?

STEP 1: Start with a 1 C-turn in mind and instead of stopping after one edge change,  continue riding and make the next c-turn.

PRO TIP:The trick is to not spend a lot of time in the fall line, Make sure you are practicing this on a green run.

STEP 2: Once you change edges, quickly start looking and pointing back across the hill to wash a lot of the speed you gained away!

Remember to keep your Weight on the front Foot.

Be patient and use the lower body to create the correct movements, dont lean into the turn…Keep you weight over the snowboard!

(Keep momentum from one turn to the next but make sure you are in control and well balanced before making the next turn.)

how to link skidded turns on a snowboard

Get the Full Step by Step Progression for S TurnsClick here

In the beginning, start with a long traverse to give yourself time to get ready for the next turn,

Once you’re feeling confident, start making the traverse shorter and playing around with different turn shapes…(Open/closed)

Stay on green runs until you feel comfortable with hitting the blue slopes, you’ll know when you’re ready to step it up!

NOTE: Want to learn how to shortcut your frustrating beginner snowboarding progression? Simply download this beginner snowboarder roadmap to learn all aspects of learning how to turn. Learn what bad habits beginners tend to make so you can avoid them to progress faster and maintain balance and control easier…check it out now!

How to do a skidded traverse on a snowboard

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