Easy Snowboard Carving tutorials with Tips to Improve your riding

I want to begin this Carving snowboard tutorial by saying that if your basic stance is not in the correct alignment before attempting to carve on your snowboard…

you will have a slow progression and unfortunately struggle to initiate the correct body movements that create good edge pressure and a strong carving edge.

Carving basic stance snowboard tutorial

With that being said…It is important that you take the time to naturally progress through each stage of the snowboard progression without skipping or trying too fast track your progression by not completing the exercises that will get you there safely.

This will create bad habits and potentially will stop your ability to carve with confidence and control when riding on your snowboard

What’s the Difference between Carving vs Skidding snowboard Turns?

The main difference between carving and making skidded turns, is that carving has a stronger Edge presence in the snow and essentially transfers less energy or friction between the snowboard edge and The Snow itself..

Carving vs Skidding snowboard turns

A Lot of beginner and intermediate snowboarders mistake skidded turns with carving turns, when they have a sudden increase of speed.

Being Able to carve efficiently means you have a bigger (higher) edge angle, your center of mass has correct angulation to the snow and you understand various timing techniques that help control your edge pressure for maximum control with higher speeds.

Making skidded turns on the snowboard means your edge angle is lower (your snowboard is skidding through the turn), you don’t have to have good a snowboarding technique and you can get away with limited body movement to perform a basic skidded snowboard turn…

… When you are carving, this is not the case…everything must be working in alignment and together as one!

One easy way to tell if you are carving or making skidded turns in the snow is by looking behind you to see if you have a smooth, small edge snowboard line in the snow, this is a pretty good indication that you are making some nice carving tracks in the snow!

Perfect Snowboard Edge control when Carving!

The first way we can help control our snowboard edge when carving is by making sure our basic stance is in the correct alignment. Without having our basic stance aligned and working in one with our snowboard,  being able to control our snowboard edge pressure will be extremely difficult.

How to snowboard Basic stance

  • Knees and feet relaxed and slightly flexed
  • Even weight on both feet
  • Hips in alignment with your Snowboard
  • Straight back
  • Arms relaxed and to the side
  • Head looking in the direction of travel

It’s extremely important before we commit to learning how to carve with good control that we consciously look at our basic stance and make sure we have the correct alignment.

Once we are confident we have our basics sance correct, it’s now time to apply some of flexion and extension.

In other words moving up and moving down through the lower body on our snowboard.

By applying pressure (flexing down) before, through and out of the turn we are able to control the steering, balance and speed of our turn Shape.

By releasing Edge pressure (standing up) we are able to release all the Unwanted Edge pressure that will make it difficult for us to maneuver the snowboard easily without any resistance.

Carving tutorials flexion

Quick Recap: Flex down to apply edge pressure & extend up to release edge pressure…(tip) the ideal place to release Edge pressure would be right before we make the turn.

Then flex down again to apply pressure through the turn!

The next thing we need to discuss if we are to carve efficiently, is timing. What we need to start doing is counting up and down in our head. 1, 2, 3 up and then 1, 2, 3 down.

All at the same time, flexing down or extending up. (control the Movement with a simple counting exercise)

This helps control pressure it gives us something to focus on why were flexing down or extending up and it also helps you maintain balance and control throughout the entire turn.

By using timing techniques when we are carving it stops us from dumping pressure and enables us to maintain control throughout the complete process of the turn.

Once again, I can’t stress this enough, how important it is to have your basic stance in the correct alignment.

carving snowboard tutorials

A lot of the information I’ve given you will not work if your body is not an alignment with the upper and lower body working together.

How to Carve on a snowboard in Goofy Stance

There is no magic formula to being able to carve on your snowboard Goofy.

Essentially all the movements are exactly the same as in your natural stance… it just takes longer to find your flow…


Unless you take the time to develop your switch riding skill set. It’s always going to be this way…Carving on your snowboard in the goofy stance is exactly the same as in your natural. 

Go back to the basics of how to carve when riding Goofy on your snowboard!

I used to ride Goofy (switch) for one day, then in my natural stance the other. After a while, You would naturally forget which stance feels more comfortable.

EXERCISE: I recommend you should try this as well! It wasn’t long before I was riding and teaching switch, everywhere I went.

Deep carving snowboard technique

How to make deep carving snowboard turns on a snowboard requires a lot of one on one training.

If you’re after some deep carving snowboard maneuvers, I can recommend this one.

It’s called euro edge carve Flash touch

The idea is to touch the opposite side rail of your snowboard edge when making Carve turns. This requires a lot of speed to help you maintain balance and control.

Here’s how you do it:

Use grab-the-edge carving exercise to improve vertical range of movement on the heel-side edge. Once moving, reach down and grab the toe edge with the back hand (indy grab), focusing on flexing through the knees so the back shoulder becomes level (or close to level) with the back knee.

DO NOT GET YOUR HAND STUCK, just try to grab the edge and hold it until you are ready to change onto your opposite edge.

Make sure you keep your speed up and try to make slow controlled movements, keep weight centered and give yourself plenty of room to adjust or pull out if need be.

It can be challenging but it will help you understand how pressure control changes by changing your basic stance in such a radical way.

Snowboard carving mistakes

Basic stance –  don’t break at the waist. 

A common mistake when carving, is breaking at the waist, some people who haven’t mastered flexion and extension tend to break at the waist…ultimately this transfers pressure off the snowboard carving edge and onto the snow.

Make sure you flex down through your lower body and not through your lower back..

Leaning too much into each New Carving Edge

When riders become lazy or tired, they tend to lean into each edge to create the carving angle, rather than create the correct edge angle through good flexion and edge control with the feet and lower body position.

Make sure to stay consciously aware and create the muscle memory of using your lower body to create the correct edge angle!

Poor Anticipation into the Carving Turn

What is anticipation into the carving turn?

This is where we open up our front shoulder into each new turn, by doing this we are essentially helping our lower body create torsional twist…

This will help us load up the carving the edge into the new turn, applying this technique correctly in combinationation with flexion, carving becomes a lot of fun.

Learn to open the front shoulder into the turn by pointing to where you want to go.

Poor pressure control when carving on your Snowboard

This is when people dump too much edge pressure at once onto an edge. This will cause edge blowout, cause your snowboard to get edge chatter and ultimately make you lose your caving edge.

Timing is the answer to the riddle…

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