The snowboard Basic Stance (This How we stand on our snowboard)

The reason we must maintain a basic stance on a snowboard is simple…. If we aren’t aligned with our snowboard when snowboarding, you will lose balance, lose control and snowboarding will quickly become extremely hard and painful.

Our Basic stance is the core for us to build from, without the correct stance, everything I teach you will become a lot harder than it really is, and in most cases you will not progress to the next level.

If you are consciously aware of your basic stance when riding, it will help you stop Catching edges, losing control and aid in steering your snowboard easily and efficiently!

The snowboard basic stance on a Snowboard:

The basic stance consists of having your body in full alignment with your snowboard, by doing this we make the board and us (you) as one.

From here we can control, steer and ride the snowboard anywhere we want….

The Snowboard Basic Stance consists of:

  • Even weight on both
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Hips and shoulders aligned with feet
  • Straight back
  • Arms relaxed
  • Head looking to where you want to go

Always remember this stance, if you haven’t been snowboarding before, Remember this one thing and everything else will be easy.

This is your foundation for your snowboarding, master it and you will more than likely get through the learning curve Easy and pain free!

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basic stance on a snowboard

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