The Skidded traverse on a snowboard

We need to practice the skidded traverse to so we get comfortable riding in the direction of travel with our natural stance, whether that be goofy or natural

This isn’t a hard exercise,

You should already know how to stop and start a slide

You should know how to steer our board using pressure and edge control

All we are essentially doing is getting comfortable with travelling in the direction we want to go with our leading foot.

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How to do a skidded traverse on a snowboard

To do this:

Stand up on your heels and traverse in the direction that is your leading foot, once you have traveled across to the other side of the run, Stop by applying even weight on both feet.

Sit down, roll over on to the opposite edge and repeat the same process

Make sure your leading foot is always the front foot in the direction you are travelling.

Practice this exercises until you feel confident in your leading foot….

You’re nearly at the turning stage,

keep up the good work!

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