Skating on a snowboard

First things first, You need to learn how to skate on a snowboard so you are able to move around the mountain with one foot, not strapped in.

Places where we would use this might be:

  • Getting on and off the chair lift
  • Moving from the snow to the bar (jokes)
  • Flat land trails

Anywhere you need to go but don’t have any downhill momentum, skating is a quick way to get there.

Skating on a Snowboard

how to skate on a snowboard

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Starting off with your back foot over the heel side edge on the snow, slowly push your front foot forward and then bring your back foot back up to the middle of the snowboard.

Step 2: Try not to let the snowboard move to far away from your back foot otherwise you will lose control and end up hitting the deck (Snow).

Step 3: Take this exercise very slow when starting off, it’s easy as long as you take baby steps.

So that is how we skate with our back over the heel side edge.

Now I will tell you how to do it over the toe side edge.

Exactly the same principle but this time you will be gliding the snowboard using your toe edge.

Step 4: Start off by taking a step in the direction you want to go and then slowly bring the snowboard up to where your front foot is in the snow, repeat this process to keep moving forward.

Take your time when skating on a snowboard, it can easily get awkward and painful if you dont maintain your basic stance


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Skating on a snowboard

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