How to ride trees on a snowboard?

Being able to ride trees competently and smooth is extremely rewarding when it comes to exploring a mountain and having the most fun possible on the snowboard.

In order to ride trees effectively, you must have a certain set of skills if you want to come out the other end injury free.

You must know how to pressure your snowboard using fore and after pressure control, you must understand how flexion and extension works and you must understand how to make short, quick and fluid turns without thinking twice about it!

I must warn you, if you go into the tree line and you’re not ready for it, it will come back and bite you in the arse!

Trees are NOT forgiving, it’s like running into a brick wall travelling at 40 mph an hour. Do not take them lightly.

riding trees on a snowboard

Let’ begin:

First of all , when we are riding trees it pays to have a closed turn shape and be making skidded turns.

Characteristics of tree riding on a Snowboard

Trees obscure long-range vision

They are often spaced randomly, hindering rhythm

Trees are harder than you!

Tree riding is best done when there is fresh powder and it easy to create friction in the snow.


Ride with a friend and check their whereabouts frequently.

Start by riding in and out of the trees on the side of runs, slowly working your way up to being able to ride through 5-8 trees in one line.

Stay low, relaxed and flexed to absorb any unseen circumstances that come your way.

Keep the COM over the snowboard for a low edge angle. A flat snowboard will ride right over hidden obstacles and aid skidded turns.

Rotational movements should be strong and focused in the lower body. The amount of rotation used will vary as your line varies through the trees. Keep the upper body as stable as possible.

Be ready to shift your weight fore and after depending on what happens and keep a low edge angle with your snowboard, you never know what lies beneath, it’s best to stay light and ready.

Have fun but just make sure your ego isn’t writing checks your ability can’t cash…

If you Take this advice on board and build up your skill set, riding trees is extremely fun, the good thing about trees is that, not a lot of people can ride them well, so when a powder day hit’s, it’s game on with freshness all day!

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tree riding on a snowboard

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