How to ride Flat runs, this can be a snowboarders worst nightmare…

Depending on the conditions, sometimes riding flat runs can be Easy and Fun, other times it can make you feel like a Complete Newbie!

The worst thing about flat narrow terrain, is that it is Easy to eat shit if you don’t know what you are doing!! (Catch an edge)

‘Yep’, I remember what it was like to smash my face into the ground, fortunately that doesn’t happen to me anymore!

To counteract the natural forces of gravity, I am going to give you some advice to help you maintain your speed and keep a smooth style of riding without catching an edge.

Firstly: it is extremely important you have a solid basic stance when you find yourself riding down a run that slowly starts to narrow and flatten out on you.


Snowboard stance to go faste

  • Even weight on both Knees
  • slightly bent Hips and shoulders aligned with feet
  • Straight back
  • Arms relaxed
  • Head looking to where you want to go

how to snowboard on a flat run

If your basic stance is Wrong, you will quite often find your board will try and start turning on its own accord from underneath you…

In reality, what’s really happening is, your upper body is not aligned with your lower body and your snowboard is just following the law of cause and effect.

So, keep your basic stance aligned with your snowboard.

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how to ride flat runs on a snowboard

Make sure you have Even weight on both feet, depending on the snow conditions, sometimes it pays to have a little more weight on the front foot, this will help guide your snowboard in a straight direction.

DO NOT have a flat base of the snowboard on the ground!

ALWAYS ride with one edge in the snow. When you have to change edges, make the change Quick and assertive.

Keep you turns shape open so you maintain speed and make sure you keep looking to where you want to go!

If you’re struggling with balance to hold an edge, try standing up a little taller on the snowboard, if that doesn’t work, your binding setup might need adjusted! (high backs)

Very little edge is needed when traversing flat land runs, unless you’re experienced and you can do whatever you want.

Good luck my friend, get out there and rip shit up, Learn how to Snowboard the easy way.

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intermediate flat runs on a snowboarding tutorials

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intermediate snowboarding tutorials

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