How to make Short Turns on a snowboard Across The Fall line?

As you advance in your Snowboard journey, the calling to Keep Pushing your Riding ability is always in the back of your mind, Hit those bigger jumps, spin onto that rail, Launch higher out of that half pipe and in our case, Start riding Blacks runs more Efficiently.

In order to Ride steep terrain in complete control and relaxed (in a sense) we need to learn how to change edges across the fall line instead of down the fall line.

By learning how to change edges across the fall line, we are able to maintain more control over our rate of descent down the hill. 

Without learning the skill of changing edges across the fall line, you will not be able to carve effectively, ride pipe smoothly and make short tight turns when shit gets real!(steeps)

First of all, You need to understand the 3 phases of the turn…


1) Initiation

2) Control

3) Completion.

Turn phases

You also need to understand edge control aspects like Flexion and Extension. Being able to release edge pressure is key to making smooth short turns down any type of terrain on the snowboard.

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how to make short turns on a snowboard

You do this by Flexing down into the snowboard and Extending up to release…

Once you think you have these key points under control and can successfully make turns including all of the points above, it’s time to really step your game up and start learning how to change edges before the fall line.

As you can see in the image below, I have set this up so slowly work your way back until you can change edges across the fall line.

Take your time when doing this, it might pay to go back to the green runs and practice this new skill.

If you find yourself falling a lot, try adding a bit more speed to help keep balance when first learning this technique.

This new skill set you are learning is very handy for riding steep terrain and trees.

Once you think you have it dialed in, go and try your new skill out on the steeper runs, make sure your COM is in alignment with your snowboard, stay relaxed and always look to where you want to go.

As long as your fundamentals are good, changing edges across the fall line is pretty easy with the right progression!

You can either do skidded or carved turns when riding with this technique. (carving)

changing edges early on a snowboard

This a rough guide when learning this Skill,

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losing control on a snowboard

STEP 1: Start by traversing across the hill, looking and pointing to where you want to go, this time when you want to Turn, bring your snowboard down into the fall line, and at the same time I want you to have a little bit more speed than normal, change onto your new edge a little earlier than before!

STEP 2: Slowly start changing edges earlier and earlier into each turn, working your way back from the fall line until you get to the point where you are changing edges across the fall line.

Practice this technique on Green trails

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short turns on a snowboard

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