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We Give You Expert Analysis with detailed recommendations and Professional HD Video progressions that you can implement Today. SAVE Thousands on Snowboard Lessons!


Film Yourself Snowboarding

Use either a Go pro or your regular cell phone to record yourself snowboarding down the mountain. Grab a Friend and get them to film you for Best results, be sure to Keep the Camera stable and as steady as possible.


Upload Your Video

Once you're happy with the footage of your snowboarding, Head on over to Facebook and Log into the Private 'OSC Facebook Page" Send us your video and a message with your Problems you want to fix.


Let us Review It For You

Once we receive the link to your video, we review it and then give you the best progression that will help you achieve your goals in the quickest way possible.

We give you a 2 step progression with videos, plus what Execution Plan would best suite your ability to improve on the snowboard.


You Become an Advanced Snowboarder

Once you receive the progression, watch it and then go and practice the exercises we give you.

The Best part about it is, you can watch the exercises on the chair lift and then Practice them on the way down the hill!

Here's What You Get In Your Feedback Session...

Our coaches have over 45 yrs Snowboard Instructing Experience and when you Sign Up to get Personal Video Analysis Feedback at 'OSC', we Deliver only the best Learning Tools, Techniques and Progressions that will Transform you into A Expert Snowboarder.

  • You Get A 2 Step Progression Plan to Help you with your Problem.
  • You Get A detailed Written Assessment of what you are Doing Correct and where you're going Wrong.
  • 2 Full HD Video Exercises to Help you Correct Your bad habits or Technique
  • 2 Full HD Video Exercises to Help you Correct Your bad habits or Technique
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Only $39 per Video Analysis or Free when you Join OSC Lab.

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Only $39 per Video Analysis or Free when You join OSC Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the Fence? Here are some answers to our most commonly Asked Questions

Q: How do I Access the Feedback?

A: When you Log into the private members Group, We will send you a private message with a Personal report and a link to our video page

Q: How do I upload the video

A: When you Log into the private members Group, just send us a message and attach your video to it. (you dont even need to tell us what you're struggling with, we will see it straight away)

Q: How Long will it take to get the feedback?

A: In most cases, we have your Progression back within 24hrs.

Q: Whats the best camera to film with?

A: Go pro, Standard video camera or phone, just try to make the Rider clear and have as little shake as possible...

Q: Who will be my Coach?

A: That depends...We have certain coaches who excel at different aspects of snowboarding, all we can say is that you are in good hands and that we do this stuff for a living! (we have 4 coaches)

Q: Why Should I get this instead of a 1 hour Private lesson

A: First of all, a 1 hour lesson will cost you $204 at the ski resort and You'll end up getting the same amount of Exercises (problem areas) to work on, we are cutting the middleman out at Online Snowboard Coach

Q: How long should the Video Be?

A: Try and make at least ten turns if your trying to improve your turning, when it comes to freestyle, please have a front & back shot to help us analysis your style correctly.

Q: Will Video anaylsis Help my Snowboarding?

A: Yes, this is the number 1 resource you need if you are wanting to take your riding to the next level...This is exactly how we developed our snowboarding and coaching skills into an advanced level!

Q: Who is this for?

A: This is for every level of Rider, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Snowboarding...We will even teach you how to ride at a dynamic level with Down Unweighted Turns (Elite Riders only)

Become One Of The 3% of Snowboarders who Can Actually Ride The Mountain

Make Me Awesome at Snowboarding

Only $39 per Video Analysis or Free when You Join OSC Lab