The Snowboarding Fall Line

If you’ve been reading my content for a while, you would have noticed I use the word fall line a lot…

So what exactly do I mean when we say changing edges down the fall line when snowboarding?

In layman’s terms…

It is when your snowboard has the least resistance and is pointing straight down the hill!

what is the fall line

And it’s in this fall line where most of beginner and intermediate snowboarders always (in most cases) change edges, and that’s exactly how we teach them…

This edge change is perfect for the rider to build fundamental intermediate snowboarding skills to gain confidence and the control needed to become a competent snowboarder!

As we progress into the advanced realm of snowboarding, you quickly start to learn that changing edges in the standard fall line is not enough and in some cases can escalate into very dangerous situations extremely quickly!

Here’s what I mean…

Imagine you are riding down a triple black diamond run?


Yes, that’s right, triple!

It’s at this stage that you can barely see over your tor edge and you’re pretty much standing up vertically. “Shit is real’

Now…If you were to change edges down the fall line at this degree of pitch, you could guarantee that you will lose control by gaining too much speed and eventually crash and burn into rocks, tress or ride off a cliff!

SIDE NOTE: Unless you’re just pointing your board down the hill and letting her rip, you can change edges with the board down the fall line..

Angulation when snowboarding

Changing Edges Across or Down the Fall line?

Changing edges when your snowboard is facing down the standard fall line with this degree of pitch on some slopes would be devastating to your speed control…

And that is why we must learn to change edges across the fall line.

changing edges across the fall line

This also helps us when we are learning how to carve on the snowboard, by changing edges across the fall line you can remain in control at high speeds and steer your snowboard safely down and through the turn in complete control and balance!

Another useful reason to start learning how to change edges across the fall line is that it will help you too learn hop turns, these are especially handy when riding super steeps…

Sometimes keeping your snowboard completely glued to the ground can be extremely hard work, that’s why we must start learning how to use hop turns while changes edges across the fall line at the same time!


It is vital you understand and master the complete turn phase movements before learning how to change onto your other edge across the fall line…If you don’t master this stage before moving onto more advanced snowboarding techniques then you will ultimately keep picking up BAD HABITS the will sabotage your riding all together.

Take your time and don’t rush the progression, becoming an advanced rider takes time and the correct training….

Be safe and ride hard!

NOTE: Want to learn how to stay balanced and controlled when carving on a snowboard? Simply download this CARVING snowboarder roadmap to learn all aspects of learning how to carve. Learn what bad habits snowboarders make so you can AVOID them to progress faster and maintain balance and control easier…check it out now!

changing edges across the fall line

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