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'Master The Turns'

Snowboarding Execution Plan...

A Step by Step Intermediate to Advanced Snowboarding Progression, Go from Basic Skidded turns, to Making Short, FAST & Controlled Turns down Double Black Diamond Trails in half the time!

"Discover the Secrets to Advanced Snowboarding that will GIVE You the Confidence and Skill Set to Ride Steep, Hard and Tracked Out Snow Conditions..."

"There's no question about it"

If you haven't had an Intermediate or Advanced Snowboard lesson after you started turning, I can Guarantee you'll have at least 3 Bad Habits that are Killing your Snowboarding!

Making Short Turns down Black Diamond Trails on a Snowboard Can be Life Threatening, Bone breaking Hard and nothing but Pure Ecstasy all at the same time...'right'

But sometimes...You find yourself riding down a Steep Bumpy Blue or Black Diamond Trail and you feel like the most uncoordinated person on the Mountain, Everything You thought you had dialed in has gone completely out the window...

The Nose of your snowboard doesn’t want to come around into the fall line (like it should) Your snowboard feels extremely Stiff and it feels like you're a complete Newbie with a license to crash and burn again...

It all seemed so Easy on the Green Runs right...

What is 'Master the Turns' Snowboard Execution Plan?

A Simple to follow Intermediate To Advanced Snowboarding Progression 

Find out what your bad habits are, How to fix them and most importantly, Learn Easy and new Snowboarding Techniques that transform you into an Advanced Snowboarder. Shortcut Your 'Go it alone' Progression by 3 years...

A Step-By-Step Video Progression of Exercises and Techniques that Transform Your Skill Level & Confidence!

Discover how to isolate your body so that you can start making short fast small turns down the steepest slopes the hill has to offer.

17 Intermediate to Advanced Professional snowboarding tutorials You can Implement at your own Pace...

Just follow along with these 17 easy-to-learn Video tutorials and you'll know exactly what to look out for and what Not to do when snowboarding down the hill.

FACT: If You were to Get these Snowboard lesson from the Ski resort, you can Expect to pay over $12,152!

I hear these types of Questions all the time...

The Nose of the snowboard doesn’t want to come around?

I pick up Way too much SPEED and Panic?

My Snowboard doesn’t want to go across the hill, it just slides down?

Turning on one Edge feels Easier than the other?

I Can't Keep weight over the Front Foot on Steeper Terrain?

It seems to be a common problem with snowboarders these days, they end up getting a beginner lesson and Never bother to Get a Intermediate or Advanced Lesson to Improve and Correct their skill set…

All at the same time, creating more and more Bad habits!

Are you Just "Winging it?"


Practicing “HOPE & PRAY” snowboarding?

Or do you have a clear cut Progression Plan to make you an Awesome Snowboarder?

If you are ‘winging it’ don’t feel bad…you’re not alone. For the better part of my Snowboarding career, that’s what I did, too.

And for a while, it worked.

In the early days, when I was learning how to snowboard, “winging it” got me down the mountain.

‘Winging it’, meant I didn’t have to pay someone $868 for 6 hours snowboard tuition.

But as my love for the sport expanded and I moved into more Technical Terrain, “Winging it” Just didn’t cut it Anymore!

‘Winging it’ quickly became the difference between me Losing Control, Losing Balance, Snapping my knee sideways and…

Being able to ride down Double Black Diamond Trails like I started snowboarding when I was 3 yrs old!

"There was No Comparison"

Smart Snowboarders know that when Learning a new skill, it pays to learn from the Best, and when executed properly, there’s No Faster, Easier or Pain Free way to start Shredding up the Mountain.

Especially on those Epic Powder days!

But how do you do it the Right way?

More Specifically...

How do get your Snowboard to Turn down the hill like you're not even trying?

How do you stop yourself from going too Fast, Panicking and slamming into the Hard Packed Snow?

How do you get your snowboard to change direction without feeling like you’re Trying to Steer a School bus with no power steering?

How do you Release Stored Energy and Pressure off your snowboard Edge so turning on Steep Terrain becomes 2nd nature and Super Easy?

These are questions every snowboarder must be able to answer…..

More importantly, these are questions that if you can’t answer, you will never be able to Explore the mountain with your friends and family without them constantly Getting Frustrated because you can't keep up and suck at snowboarding.

So how do you answer these Questions?

Is there a Formula or Progression that will Make snowboarding down the steepest run on the hill instantly become 10X Easier to ride?

Their is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about….

"The Ultimate 'Master your Turns' Snowboard SHORTCUT to Advanced Snowboarding"

Our Coaches at Online Snowboard Coach have a combined Snowboard Instructor Experience of over 45 years…

And that’s not even including our own riding time on the Board!

In addition to this, we have Taught Tens of Thousands of people how to snowboard, we have also completed the highest level of snowboard instructor Training in NZ/AUS and the USA.

The reality is, we have been in the Industry that long, and have learnt all the Shortcuts to getting You to Ride with Confidence, Style and Control that we have become very Efficient and Effective at Teaching people the Best and safest way Possible to Snowboard...

That’s why we decided to create a community and Entire Training Resource called ‘Execution Plans’ for Intermediate Snowboarders much like yourself.

I Definitely Should NOT Be Giving
This Information Away so Cheap?

A place where somebody who can already link turns and ride (I might add)...but doesn’t Have to pay $868 a day to hire a private snowboard instructor just to have them teach them 1 or 2 Techniques for the entire day.

The great part about this Execution Plan is that you can go at your own pace, you will officially have a road map of how to Take your Snowboarding to the next level...

I’m not going to Lie to you, A lot of the exercises in these ‘Execution Plans’ will take days, sometime weeks for you to master but the it won’t be costing you $868 a day for Snowboard lessons!

From Skidded turns down Blue trails to making Smooth Short FAST Turns down Black diamond Trails!

What's inside The 'Master the Turns' Execution Plan?

Transform Yourself Into An Advanced Snowboarder





    Our Step by Step Method to Find Your Feet and Maintain Your Balance

    • You'll learn that How to Stand and Move on Your Snowboard So You Always maintain A Smooth Fluid motion That Generates the Maximum Range of Movement for Maximum Speed Control!
    • We'll Give you the Ultimate Foundation to build off so your progress happens Fast, the best part is, you will Still be able to maintain a smooth Style on the snowboard
    • How to Slow Down or Speed Up by Using Correct Timing pressure! This is the Stuff that Keeps you completely balanced when Riding Hard tracked out Conditions

    'The Advanced Angulation Body position' Blueprint

    • you'll learn how to Maintain balance, Speed and control in any type of terrain or Snow conditions!
    • Never pick up too much Speed again...after going through the course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to handle anything the mountain throws at you.
    • How to ride in a way where your Legs are acting like car suspension so you can get the absolute Best Performance out of your snowboard

    Proven Exercises For Maximum Improvement

    • How to fix all the bad Habits that are limiting your Skill Set...These Exercises are counter intuitive and Must be Implemented if you ever want to ride ride steeps with Pace and Confidence.
    • Exactly how much Pressure to Apply so your snowboard Never Washes out (chatter) or you lose control right at that critical point where you can't afford too.
    • You'll Learn Exercises and Techniques to Isolate certain parts of your body so you maintain Precision Control when making Small, Fast Tight turns down Steep Bumpy Terrain

    'How to Apply The Right Amount Of Pressure and Combine it With Perfect Timing'

    • Out ride an avalanche? We give you the skills to Ride FAST and HARD...
    • How To ride in a dynamic style so you can ride, Moguls, Bumps and Rollovers while maintaining speed, but never have to worry about catching Edges!
    • The 1/2/3 ratio for Applying and Releasing unwanted Edge Pressure off your snowboard,...this will make turning 100X Easier and will take your riding next level!

    The Best part is, we will be teaching you a Solid foundation to build from so that your Snowboard progression is Easy and Pain free.

    ... Free of Losing control right at the Critical point of the Turn where you can't Afford Too.

    Free of Having one Turn Feel Easy and the Other Hard.

    Free of Not Being able to Ride Black Runs with Confidence and Style

    Free of Kicking the back foot out just to get your board around...

    And the Entire Progression will be right at your Finger tips…

    But to do it, you’ll need our Intermediate Snowboard Execution Plan…

    "The Ultimate Intermediate Snowboard Shortcut to Advanced Snowboarding...Save $12,152 and Take 3 Years off your Learning Curve."

    Actually, to call it a Shortcut isn’t giving it justice…

    …this is more like a Shortcut to Advanced snowboarding on steroids’

    In just 10 easy steps you’ll get:

    • How to ride down steep black runs without picking up too much speed and losing control…If you want to AVOID a broken Leg, then this technique can be the difference between you having the Best day of your life or spending 6 day's in hospital!
    • 3 movements you can do straight away to release pressure and friction from snowboard edge, unless you’re consciously doing this, your progression will be slow and Fustrating
    • Why turning on one edge feels easy but the other direction feels hard…here’s the thing…the exact reason why it’s easy turning on one edge and not the other is because what you’re doing to make it easy is also making it hard on yourself…This stuff is counter intuitive but works like a charm!
    • Why counter rotation is destroying your chances of being a good snowboarder, don’t be one of those guys that thinks they are good but in reality struggle to make short turns look easy!
    • Anticipation- How to easily generate pop back into the turn so your snowboard automatically starts turning without any Effort... This technique is A MUST and one of the fundamentals of riding steep runs…Learn this and you can ride anything you want!
    • What to do if you can feel snowboard starting to pick up too much speed. This 1 trick is exceptionally handy on steeper runs!
    • How to turn your snowboard in a way that makes other people look at you instantly and notice you’re not an Amature Snowboarder…in fact, by the time you finish with this program, you will be riding better than 80% of snowboard instructors.
      • Why you can’t apply pressure to the front of your snowboard. Here’s the MAIN mistake that makes it extremely hard for you to turn your snowboard.
      • 5 ways you can stop your snowboard from jolting down the hill after a turn…Losing edge control sucks, learn how to dominate the turn in any environment.
      • How to carve on your board without your edge washing out or you losing balance…This simple timing technique will give you exactly the right amount of pressure you need to Carve every time without a slip out
      • A simple , works every time trick that makes your snowboard go exactly where you want it to go, none of this, drift 40ft down the mountain after a turn crap…Smooth, Straight and Controlled turns every time! oh yea, without learning this, don’t even bother to try and step up to the ADVANCED snowboarding progression….’that’s just crazy talk’
      • 6 Step by Step Exercises that make short steep turns seem just as easy as large turns on green runs, These 3 movements are counter intitutive and must be implemented if you’re serious about riding black runs!
      • Why riding flat runs is Easy and the only reason you don’t know how to do it is because your previous snowboard instructors didn’t set you up with the right Basic foundation to Evolve your snowboarding naturally!...
      • Learn why this Progression Make's Riding Switch 10X Easier...In fact, If you implement this stuff, soon you will forget what stance feels Natural for you!

      And so much more…

      More importantly, we give you the building blocks for You to really understand what the Correct Formula is to Smooth, Consistent and Easy snowboarding, so that when you are ready to take your riding to the next level, you already have the building blocks in place to make that next progression straight out Effortless!

      Again, this is the same Intermediate Progression that I use every time someone wants to take their snowboarding to the next level…

      Personally, I wouldn’t attempt to Start Learning advanced snowboarding without having a proven, Step-by-Step Guide to follow and this is especially true if you’re doing this for Black Diamond Runs

      Here's What You Get

      Video Course Breakdown:

      Module 1: The Basics of Snowboarding

      - Lesson 1: Meet your coach
      - Lesson 2: How to get the most out of this EP
      - Lesson 3: Mountain Saftey
      - Lesson 4: Basic stance on a snowboard

      Module 2: The Turn Dynamics

      - Lesson 1: Phases of the Turn
      - Lesson 2: Turn Sizes
      - Lesson 3: Turn Shape

      Module 3: Apply and Release Edge Pressure

      - Lesson 1: Flexion on a snowboard
      - Lesson 2: Extension on a snowboard
      - Lesson 3: Timing with Pressure
      - Lesson 4: Anticipation into the Turn
      - Lesson 5: Foot Peddling on a snowboard

      Module 4: How to Ride Steeper Terrain

      - Lesson 1: Small Turns and Big Turns
      - Lesson 2: Edge change before the Fall Line

      Module 5: Exploring New Terrain

      - Lesson 1: Flats
      - Lesson 2: Roll Overs
      - Lesson 3: Bumps

      Module 6: Riding Black runs

      - Lesson 1: Awareness
      - Lesson 2: Speed Control
      - Lesson 3: Picking the right Line
      - Lesson 4: Exaggeration of movements

      Module 7: Detect & Correct

      - Lesson 1: Falling Insdie the Turn
      - Lesson 2: Falling outside the Turn
      - Lesson 3: Unresponsive Board Control
      - Lesson 4: Catching Edges
      - Lesson 5: Speed Control
      - Lesson 6: Poor Edge Control (Wash out)

      What You're About to Discover:

      • How to ride down the hill without picking up too much speed and face planting into the snow.
      • The Trick to staying in control when riding down Ice...98% of snowboarders get this wrong
      • How to apply the right amount of pressure to your snowboard so you never have a blow out again! Without this technique, you won't be able to carve, let alone ride down steep runs smooth and Easy.
      • Why you lean back and how to stop it so you Never Lose control of your snowboard again.
      • The number 1 reason why most snowboarders fall when changing Edges on steep Terrain...'If you don't fix this issue, your riding will always suffer'
      • How to ride down the hill switch  better than most people ride natural, Do these exercises and soon you won't know what way feels more comfortable!
      • The 3 phases of the Turn that guarantee you wont fall next time you try and change edges, once you understand this, turning is Easy.
      • Why using your front knee is only part of the Turn progression and if you truly want to become good at snowboarding, you must incorporate these other elements into your riding as well.
      • How to Fix all the Bad Habits you have created by NOT getting snowboard lesson!
      • What to do when you find yourself going way too fast, This 1 trick will instantly slow you down and stop you from panicking and losing control.
      • The Two Most Important things you Must do if you don't want your edge to lose control and Face plant
      • and much, MUCH more!

      Here's what some of Awesome customers have to say...

      Doug Hayes Doug Hayes, ML, Cali

      Worth every penny and more!! Thanks to the Master the turns program I have stepped up and improved my speed and steering down blue runs now.

      Jimmy Jimmy, BC, Can

      These videos are awesome to help you get some solid visuals in your head when you're learning how to snowboard, My friends are already impress on how fast I'm picking up snowboarding. Thanks guys!

      Have you ever heard the expression…

      “The problem with following the herd is you wind up stepping in the “stuff” that got left behind?”

      That’s what’s wrong with the 90% of snowboarders in this world!

      It’s truly the blind leading the blind and everyone is stepping in their “stuff”…

      Most of the “so called Snowboard instructors” teaching you how to Ride have only completed a 3 day Instructor course and are now teaching you in ways that are Not Effective… or Worse – They are Helping you create Bad Habits that are extremely hard to break!

      'Well' Online Snowboard Coach we have an advantage over everyone else.


      None of this 3 day Instructor course Nonsense!

      Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes and stepped in plenty of you-know-what along the way, too.

      That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy to follow execution plans so that when you join Online Snowboard Coach (OSC) you can duplicate these same results.

      In the past these Snowboard Progressions would have cost you a minimum of $868 a day, and that’s only the beginner module, for more intermediate/advanced riding, I might have been working with clients for weeks!

      Now, I am making a select few available to the public (You’ll see why in just a bit.)

      Now, you don’t have to spend money on lessons that could have been spent buying a New Snowboard or Goggles!

      Normally this Execution Plans sells for $97, but for a very limited time, I’ll let you have instant access to this plan for just $27.

      Yep $27

      Literally, you can have a couple of Drinks at the Mountain Bar or you can Access a Proven Plan for Having the Most Fun you'll ever have when snowboarding down the mountain.

      The choice is yours…

      Click the ‘Add to cart’ button and start Shredding like a Pro Today…


      100% money back Guarrentee

      I can give you this incredible guarantee and let you take the entire program-with zero risk to you - because I am 100% confident that the Intermediate 'Master the Turn' snowboard Program will help you become an Advanced Snowboarder and make your learning curve 100X Cheaper and Easier.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Still sitting on the fence? Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...

      • What is an Execution Plan?

      It's not quiet a course and its definitely not just an ordinary report or white paper...

      …an Execution Plan is more like a “checklist on steroids!”

      Here’s how it works:

      Over the last 15 Years, my team and I have:
      -Invested Over $20,000 (of our own money) on Snowboard Instructor Training...
      -Taught well over 6,000 people how to snowboard
      -Lived the life of the travelling snowboarder Instructor for 26 back to back Winters

      And along the way we have perfected a large number of strategies and tactics. More importantly, like any good scientists, we DOCUMENT each strategy in step-by-step “Execution Plans” so our best ideas could be repeated and given Access to all our  customers.

      They’re all meat and no fluff. If you want back story and theory, go read a blog post. Execution Plans are all about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible.

      • Is there a guarantee?

      Yep…all our training's have a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

      In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

      • Why $27?

      1. $27 puts this information within the reach of everyone…from solo Snowboarders to Families and even other Snowboard instructors. (And at $27, you shouldn’t have to get approval or fill out a purchase order.)

      2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers.
      We only want serious Snowboarders who take action, and in our experience charging anything…even if it’s just a buck… gets rid of 99% of the chuckle-heads. (plus, this stuff is way too good to give away for Free)

      3. We tested it, and $27 generated the best overall ROI.
      (Hey, even tho we are all Snowboarders here, Security to us is just as important to Giving our Clients the Best Experience Possible!)

      We also believe that once you experience this Execution Plan, you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back, buy more and possibly even upgrade to OSC Lab where you get access and FEED BACK to our complete Snowboard Execution Plan Library.

      But that’s it…

       No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

      • How long will it take to get access to this Execution Plan?


      Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide, and there is some infomation on the next page that explains how you can access the guide inside of our Execution Plan Library.

      Get INSTANT ACCESS to the 'Master Your Turn's' Snowboard Execution Plan