How to climb on a snowboard?

At first, this will feel completely weird and awkward…

When learning how to maneuver, you’ll learn a technique called ‘climbing on a snowboard’ (very technical terminology), this teaches us how to climb up small hills with one foot out, this is so we can practice our basic snowboard movements when learning how to become confident while sliding on our snowboard.


climbing on a snowboard

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Stand and face up the slope with your rear foot on the toe-side of the snowboard.

Step 2: Make sure the board is across the slope (Fall line) to prevent it from sliding down the hill. Tilt the snowboard so the toe-side edge is the only part of the snowboard in contact with the snow.

Step 3: Take a small step with the foot that is not strapped in, then lift the entire length of the snowboard with the front foot, stepping it up to meet the rear heel.

Now repeat the movement to start climbing up the hill.

Next step: Straight glide on the snowboard

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how to climbing with a snowboard

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