Carving C Turns on a snowboard

As you start to develop a stronger carving  edge  through edge arcs, we need have to start to learning how to make Carving C turns!

The Carving edged C Turn will teach us how to start changing edges without falling and holding a strong pressured edge thought out the entire C turn.

By making a quick assertive edge change and applying pressure through flexion and extension throughout the whole turn, you are essentially able to have complete control of the entire process on the turn shape.

Having good flexion and extension in the legs will enable you to absorb any unforeseen ice or bumpy terrain, and aid you in holding strong edge pressure with your balance.

The Carving C Turns Process

completion stage of turn

STEP 1: Begin by making an edged traverse across and down the slope to gain momentum.

STEP 2: Initiate and project your COM into the new turn and change edges before the snowboard enters the fall-line.

STEP 3: Keep looking and steering your snowboard into the new turn. Edge angle will be increased steadily to eliminate any skidding.

STEP 4: The turn is completed once your side-cut guides the snowboard across and back up the hill.

Make sure you change edges before your snowboard is facing completely down the fall line, it will help you greatly with control and steering!

It is extremely important you take your time when learning how to make correct edged C turns!

Most snowboarders tend to rush the process and create bad habits which ultimately hurt there progression into the advanced snowboarder category!

Get the full Carving Video tutorials on Edged c turns technique by clicking here: ‘Carve Like A Pro’ Execution Plan

Shortcut your Carving progression by 2 years!

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