C-turns, the art of the turn….

So, by this point if you have been practicing the exercises I have been giving you, C-turns should be a breeze!

C-turns are really the turning point of beginner to intermediate, from here on in, you will be stoked out, shit scared and then stoked out again!

Learn to turn is based all around the C-Turn, linking one C-turn with another to make an S turn!

‘Boom’ you’re riding!

Welcome to the club…

So, by now you should understand how to complete a garland?

PRO TIP: The garland teaches us how to initiate and complete the start and finish of a turn without changing edges,

All we are going to do this time is change edges!

how to snowboard doing c turns

Make sure when you go for the edge change, that you keep looking to where you want to go, I see a lot of people look down and therefore they lose momentum in the turn. ( look back across the hill or up the hill if you need to wash your speed away)

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how to snowboard toe c turns

By now You have already done the hard work, C-turns come extremely quick if you follow the snowboard progression to the point, and it’s very common for people to start linking turns straight away!

If you find yourself struggling to change edges and stay up right, Keep practicing your Garlands for a few more runs…


NOTE: Want to learn how to shortcut your frustrating beginner snowboarding progression? Simply download this beginner snowboarder roadmap to learn all aspects of learning how to turn. Learn what bad habits beginners tend to make so you can avoid them to progress faster and maintain balance and control easier…check it out now!

how to do a c turn on a snowboard

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