How to Snowboard down Black Diamond trails

The ultimate goal in snowboarding is to ride down a Double black diamond trails.

…This is a real test of your skill set, it’s either you or the mountain…King of the hill!

Being able to actually ride a black diamond run on the snowboard will give you the confidence to keep pushing the sport you love even harder.

Once you master black runs, a world of endless opportunities will open up for you,

  • Cliff drops
  • Back country
  • Hiking to the summit
  • Epic powder days right from the very top of the hill
  • Complete freedom to explore your own riding capabilities
  • Massive amounts of insane fun with your friends

Today I am going to give you the heads up on what I think about before I ride down a black run, techniques, strategies etc

Being able to analyse correctly enables me to ride any terrain controlled and confidently (although, if I don’t say so myself, sometimes riding on the edge is just as fun)

As you progress with these skills, you will naturally become faster and more confident in your riding.

intermediate snowboarding tutorials

Some points to consider when riding down a black run are:



-skill level

Let’s start with the Environment:

By the way, this is all done on a subconscious level to some degree, it all just happens naturally…

Mountain Environment on black diamond trails

How many people are on the trail? It is important you pick a line that creates a lot of room for you to maneuver, incase any unseen circumstances arise…

You might run into an ice patch, you could get thrown off balance by an unseen bump, you might get cut off by another person.

Choose a line that gives you the most room to work with incase the unexpected happens.

Always try and stay relaxed and soft in knees, doing this will enable you to absorb most obstacles that come your way!

how to snowboard with absorption in the knees

Snowboard Conditions:

Be on the lookout for Ice, bumps, moguls and other people.

Depending on conditions with light, it might pay to keep a closed turn shape so your speed is controlled and smooth.

Snowboard Skill level:

Skill level is important, but if you find yourself in any situation where you lose control and confidence, just resort back to your basics…

Side slipping if necessary…

Just make sure you don’t force the skill level that isn’t quite there yet…

When riding steep runs, remember your flexion and extension exercises, head up and looking to where you want to go.

Take your time, build your confidence level up and before you know it, you will be able to ride black runs switch…..’well, maybe?’

Have fun my friend…

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black diamond trails on a snowboard

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