Advanced Snowboarding techniques to help with a Faster Range of movement when Learning how to vairy turn shapes.

When learning advanced snowboarding techniques, it is important we learn how to increase the speed of  our range of movements.

advanced snowboarding techniques

For one, it will enable you to start making shorter and faster turns when riding steep terrain. By learning these snowboarding techniques and how to increase your range and your timing technique on the snowboard, you will finally be able to start riding black and double black diamond trails with the expertise and confidence required to successfully meet the challenge.

First thing is first, you need to have a strong basic snowboard stance…

See basic stance for advanced riding:

Once you understand this, you need to know what your maximum range of movement is, without creating any bad habits??? ( don’t break at the waist to compensate for range)

And finally, we now need to start learning about timing techniques and how they ultimately control most of our snowboard edge pressure.

Do you know what I mean when I talk about advanced timing snowboard techniques?

You should…

Snowboard Timing Techniques:

Timing techniques are the amount of pressure we are applying or releasing at any one time onto the snowboard edge. Also known as Flexion and extension.

Remember: Up to release pressure and down to apply edge pressure onto the snowboard edge!

Timing is the key to snowboarding, this is the skill YOU NEED TO MASTER in order to ride steep terrain with a confidence that will inspire everyone around you.

If you have never worked on, or experienced snowboarding with the correct timing techniques required to ride at an advanced snowboard level then go here:

losing control on a snowboard

Unfortunately timing exercises are reserved for OSC Lab Members so  if you are serious about snowboarding at an advanced level then come on over and join the crew…you are more than welcome!

Now that you understand some of the main fundamentals of riding steep terrain, we now need to focus our attention on turn shape?

Yep, another major point for controlling speed when riding steep terrain.

If you ever want to learn how to ride steep terrain on the board with a fluid motion and relaxed confidence, you need to learn about how to control speed.(Two words…CLOSED TURNS!)

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and enjoy opening it up, by all means, do it, use open turns… but just make sure you have the confidence and ability to ride fast and hard if shit gets real!!!!!

In other words,


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Back to the main point, keeps your turns closed, increase your range of movement with good timing, understand your full range by clicking here:

Anticipation is also your friend so start using it….See anticipation here!

Keep that head up and start varying your turn shape, I recommend using the either the hour glass pattern or funnel, it’s up to you, just keep practising these different techniques when on snowboaring and you’ll be fine!

Remember these Advanced Snowboarding Tips:

Try to start riding with a more conscious awareness, always try and have a:

  • Strong Basic stance
  • Understand your full range in your legs
  • Use correct timing techniques
  • keep looking up and across the hill, not down
  • Spot your next turn but consciously focus on looking across the hill and where you want to travel!

bad habits for snowboarding on steep terrain

Have  more questions about advanced snowboarding techniques?

Join our other members and ask our OSC snowboard Coaches anything you want about how to snowboard!

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