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160+ Video Snowboarding Tutorials

Watch these Easy to Implement Step-by-Step Video Demonstrations and Exercises to take your riding to the next Level...Save Thousands in Advanced Snowboard training by Not going through the Ski Resort  

An Easy Step by Step Progression from Beginner to Advanced Snowboarder

Shortcut your learning curve by at least 3 years on the snowboard with these Proven Techniques and Exercises to help you Transform yourself into an Advanced snowboarder.  

Personal Video Analysis & Feedback

Get Personal Video feedback and watch your Riding skills Explode...This is the ultimate Service for turning you into one of the 3% of snowboarders who can actually ride the mountain...'Welcome to Snowboarding'  

We're Adding More Training Every month..

Not only are we helping you improve Your snowboarding in real-time, but we are investing heavily in future EP modules that will be released month by month to OSC Club members...

Forget Your Bad Habits and learn how to Super Charge Your Snowboarding Technique!

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Some of our Tools that Transform You into a 'Double Black Diamond Guru in 1 Season!'

'Go at your own pace and Truly Discover How Easy and Fun Snowboarding can be!'

How to Snowboard Videos

How to videos for those quick ‘need to know now’ moments like, how do I Stop Getting edge chatter and falling on Steep bumpy terrain. 

In Depth Insights & Training analysis

You get full training for Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner Riding, Carving, Switch riding, Rails and Freestyle! We will be adding more EP's regularly as well.

One on One Feedback sessions.

If you're feeling stuck or just don't know where to start with something specific to your Snowboarding Skills. Let's chat about it Inside and we can make a plan for you!  

Instant Rider Improvement

See Results instantly as you quickly learn and understand the fundimentals of correct snowboard techniques that boost your confidence and skill set

Accessible across different platforms

Get up and snowboarding even faster with these mp3 Lesson tracks you can download straight onto your phone/ipod and listen to us coach you through the turns...  

How to snowboard Assessments and Checklists

Inside you will find resources that you can't get anywhere else. Just for OSC members only. If you need something special, just request it... 

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"I now consider myself a strong snowboarder, I have learnt so much through your team. Thanks Logan"


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This has helped my snowboarding confidence more than you will know. My switch riding has improved and Now i feel very comfortable on the board!

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